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A world where men are Dominant, not domineering. Where women are artfully spanked and teased, treasured and revered. A world of handcuffs and spreader bars. Crops, floggers, paddles and hot hands. A world of leather and lace, corsets and stockings. A world of pleasure…


The Answer May Surprise You.

Yes, she is prolific author, penning over a hundred published titles, with heroes ranging from hunky cowboys, Harley-riding bikers and handsome billionaires, to brawny barbarians and amorous aliens. She’s known for page turning, nail biting suspense, steamy scenes and dreamy HEA’s.

But Maggie has a history as colorful as one of her characters. 

Hailing from a tiny town in New Zealand, her first taste of notoriety came as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Then it was off to Los Angeles where she was picked up by a modeling agency, and went on to star in film and episodic television. 

But her foray into the entertainment world didn’t stop there. She launched a highly successful live show as a stage hypnotist. 

Known as Sonjia: The Mistress of Mesmerism, she performed for the boys in uniform at Camp Pendleton, thrilled crowds in L.A. nightclubs, flew down to Sydney, where she incorporated illusions into her act, then returned to her homeland and wowed the audiences across the country.

Now she works late into the night writing sexy, intriguing stories. 

Always at her side is her adorable terrier mix rescued from a junk yard in Tijuana, and she never misses a day riding her beloved dark bay mare.

Reflections on D/s Romance

Is there anything quite so enthralling as being in the hands of a sensitive but strict, romantic Dominant, one whose instinctive talent and artful prowess can transform a simple touch into spine-tingling moment leaving you aching for the next?

I confess Domination and submission has held me spellbound since I could think, and my novels reflect the passion I have for this mesmerizing lifestyle.

HEARTSTRINGS is a collection of blog posts, poems, and a few other sexy extras. While my books are fiction, the heroes and their divine decadence come from real life experience.

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A word from Maggie

My novels and blog reflect the passion I have for this lifestyle. While my writings incorporate real-life experiences, I will never confess which are imagined, and which are first-hand accounts.
That would be telling!
The bottom line (if you will) is Dominance and submission. The Power Exchange. Is there anything quite so enthralling as being in the hands of a sensitive, knowledgeable romantic Dominant? One whose instinctive talent and artful prowess can transform a simple touch into spine tingling moment, leaving you aching for the next, and the next, and the…?

There is no greater freedom than giving up control






Do you want to be seduced by a muscled, tattooed biker? A mafia Don? Maybe a kinky cowboy? Or would you prefer a Victorian gentleman? Perhaps an amorous alien or a brawny Viking warrior.

Whatever type of dreamy Dominant sparks your imagination, you can probably find him in this super-steamy, action-packed compilation, featuring the first few chapters from six of my bestsellers.

Caution: Like all my naughty novels, you will find devilishly decadent scenes featuring spanking and possibly some tantalizing BDSM.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

Delve into the depths of desire and unravel the enticing tales inspired by real-life experiences with a sensitive but strict, romantic Dominant. Explore the travel through pleasure and pain, as each written word transforms a simple touch into a spine-tingling moment, leaving you yearning for more. Heartstrings pulls at your emotions and takes you on a sensual expedition you won’t soon forget.

Discover the hidden, forbidden secrets and embark on an unforgettable adventure today.❤