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Dominance and submission – Is The End Of The World Nigh?

I was literally – almost asleep – when it hit me. Tomorrow is the 21st. Wow. So here I am, barely awake, the glow of the computer screen the only light in the room, casting its ghostly hues upon my fingers as they dance across the keyboard. It’s cold, really cold, and I want to…

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D/s – A Loving Dominant Is Not Abusive

How Much Clearer Can It Be Said? I Need You To Need Me is a wonderful blog by a dear lady who is finding her way through the submissive journey.  The beginning of one of her recent posts began with this opening line: I’ve had several asks on my Tumblr, why do I want to…

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Dominance and submission – Erotic D/s Novel New Release

I’m very excited to announce the release of An Eternal Flame, the sequel to Deja Vu. For those of you who have read Deja Vu, this is the same book with a different cover.  An Eternal Flame is the sequel and answers the question posed at the very end of Deja Vu.   An Eternal Flame…

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Dominance and submission – Nonpareil

The gift of submission. The ultimate gift? It is precious to be sure-  -and must be held in reverent, caring, loving hands The gift of trust. To completely trust another Offers one sublime security The gift of love. To feel the fullness in one’s heart. The intoxicating, engulfing exhilaration that is loving and being loved….

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Dominance and submission – Gift Wrapped

Soft, sensuous, silky Whispering fabric floats upon her skin Inviting His ardent attention Wafting cloth caresses her curves A teasing tempting promise Soft, sensuous, silky Diaphanous waves drape deliciously Compelling, alluring, begging to be touched A wrapping of translucent textile Satin ribbon tied in a bow If it pleases you Sir… She wants the unveiling…

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———- Dominance and submission ———- Spanking Hand II

Deux The same man? The black suit, stark white cuff Manicured  fingernails The turned up thumb of the practiced hand The clutched hair holding her powerless Bound wrists, fingers locked Positioned so close to his target Yet impotent in their proximity I can hear her gasps as Thought stops Time stops Feeling stops Except the…

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Dominance and submission — The Spanking Hand

How perfect is this picture? The stark whiteness of his cuff His gleaming manicured fingernails The mature, experienced hand Is that a shadow we see, resting on her cheek – – or the imprint of a previous slap? Her smooth, unblemished skin invites his attention Is she being punished or pleasured? Tantalized or tanned? One…

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Dominance and submission – Change

She can feel it Barely With a soft whisper A door is creaking open Just enough for the pupil of eye Just enough for the shard of light A shadow No form or face Waits beyond He waits beyond She can feel him Barely He will cause the long lost blush to rise from her neck…

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Dominance and submission – Two Gifts

I have been pondering recently. Much is spoken about the Gift Of Submission. It is worthy of the thoughts and writings.  Surrendering one’s self to another is an almost indescribable experience.  It is an act of utter trust; of complete belief in another. Kneeling before my Dominant, blindfolded and bound, feeling powerless, yet powerful, was remarkable…

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