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MASTURBATION MONDAY ~ His Petulant Bride ~ A Victorian Romance ~ #Masturbation Monday, #Smexy #Victorian Romance

  I’m delighted to participate in this weeks, http://masturbationmonday.kaylalords.com After cruising through my books I found this deliciously decadent scene from, HIS PETULANT BRIDE http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01638MKOG Warning:  Reading This Excerpt Could Cause An Explosive Orgasm “Listen to me, Charlotte. You read that Miranda’s only concern is finding a husband who carries a title, and on top…

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A dose of cowboy fun to help relieve some of that holiday stress.  Have a giggle, and hey, if you can, follow the advice. I’m into saving horses for sure, and it means I have to, uh, suffer, by riding a cowboy, then, oh well, I guess I must. (Tee hee). https://www.Amazon.com/author/maggiecarpenter Her Christmas Cowboy…

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A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You To Dominants Everywhere ~~~ BREAK ON ME ~~~ #SMEXY #LOVE #BDSM

KEITH URBAN BREAK ON ME While much is made of the intense, heart-stopping wonders that your delicious decadent dominance gives us, thank you for your understanding, compassion and loving strength. Allowing us to be weak when we need to be, returns our power, and allowing us to sink into sadness when it overcomes us, brings us back from…

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http://wipitupwednesday.blogspot.com HER DOCTOR IN CHARGE (This is not the cover pic, but I do love it) HER DOCTOR IN CHARGE Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, because this very decadent dominant doctor has been taking up all my time. His name is Dr. Daniel Dupont, and he practices…

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~~~ THE PROMISE ~~~ A Winter’s Tale ~~~ #SMEXY #ROMANCE #BDSM

Winter is upon is. The cold air tickled my skin when I stepped out this morning. In January of 2014 I posted this, and feeling the chill in the air, and watching the rain,  the spirit has moved to post it again THE PROMISE Made visible by her breath, the frost’s cold hung in the…

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~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ THE ART OF SPANKING ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ #Smexy #Spanking #BDSM

Credit where credit is due. I have borrowed the title for this post from a book that was originally published in 1993. I have a first edition copy. Amazingly, it’s still available. From the first moment I read it, the title intrigued me. The Art Of Spanking. It speaks of so much. There are the…

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Her Cowboy In Charge – A Spanking Romance – #MySexySaturday #SMEXY #SPANKING

http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com A SNIPPET FROM MY LATEST COWBOY NOVEL http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016MWSZ9C Can a city girl find love in the arms of a take-charge country cowboy in the small town of Whitefish, Montana? EXCERPT Slipping off her stool she walked over to him put her arms around his neck. “I can’t wait to experience my first white winter….

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A SEXY SPANKING COWBOY ROMANCE Available Amazon/Nook 10/14/2015 Can a feisty, fun-loving girl from San Francisco find love in the arms of a square-jawed, take-charge cowboy in Montana? Crystal Morrison, a free-spirited aspiring novelist is on an adventure. Just graduated from college, she is traveling through the country on a working holiday. Finding herself in…

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