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THE WANTON WIDOW EXTENDED EXCERPT http://amzn.to/2cLA8DS BLURB Crackling lightening and booming thunder roar through the night, almost shaking the mansion. Lady Verity James, a widow who shuns society’s rules, is in her lavish boudoir with a secret lover when her austere butler knocks on her door. A foreign stranger, soaked through, is in the foyer….

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My Sexy Saturday: The Wanton Widow: #Spanking #Historical Romance #Bdsm #Erotic Romance #Erotica

My Sexy Saturday http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com Happy to be back and to offer a snippet from my new erotic Victorian romance, THE WANTON WIDOW http://amzn.to/2bTjtRl BOOK DESCRIPTION MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS.  MURDER AND VENGEANCE.  BLAZING PASSION.  Crackling lightening and booming thunder roar through the night, almost shaking the mansion. Lady Verity James, a widow who shuns society’s rules, is in…

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COVER REVEAL: THE WANTON WIDOW ~~ #Spanking #Romantic Erotica #Victorian Romance #Historical Romance

RELEASE: MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016 COVER REVEAL THE WANTON WIDOW “Your eyes betray you, the beautiful blush that pinks your cheeks betrays you, the rising and falling of your breasts betray you.”  A BROODING ITALIAN COUNT.  MURDER AND VENGEANCE. HIDDEN PASSAGEWAYS.  BLAZING PASSION. Crackling lightening and booming thunder roars through the moonless sky. Lady Verity James, a…

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MY SEXY SATURDAY ~ 7/23/2016 ~ #ASMSG, #Erotic Romance, #Historical Western Romance, #Spanking Cowboy

A STRICT SPANKING FOR A SASSY GIRL Hello, all of you Super Sexy Saturday Supporters. Thanks for swinging into my blog. TUCKER’S JUSTICE! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ILI3X0G/ It’s an action-packed, spanking-packed, sexy romp in the wild west. Clink on the link at the bottom of the post and check out the video. If you like hunky cowboys, you won’t be…

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TUCKER’S JUSTICE: #Spanking Cowboys, #Smexy #Historical Western Romance

I’m so excited about this book. It was written during a tumultuous time, and was not just a place to which I could escape, but the dramas unfolding around me revealed a darker side I didn’t know I had. Tucker is not just a romantic, take-charge cowboy, he’s a tough, no-holds barred man who will…

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Saturday Spankings: A WILD WEST COWBOY: #Satspanks #Smexy #Romance #Historical Western

Hello, fellow spankers and spankees. Good to be back here, and excited to post a snippet from the first book in my new series, WILD WEST COWBOYS, due for release 7/16. It’s still to be titled, but I’m hoping for, TUCKER’S JUSTICE. This isn’t the cover, but I do love the image. DESCRIPTION Spring Junction,…

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http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com REFORMING JANE http://amzn.to/1qPOPuX DESCRIPTION Smart, sexy, and sly, Jane Campbell lives by her wits. She’s a gifted hustler who can pick pockets and play long cons with equal skill, and she does not make mistakes. But her next mark, Henry Gibson, quickly proves more than her match. After being caught in the act of…

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ISOBEL’S SURPRISE: Sexy Excerpt #Smexy #Romance #Spanking

THIS IS A RE-RELEASE OF A PREVIOUS BOOK THAT WAS PART OF A BOX SET. At the time, it was titled, Three Dark Hours. ~~~~~~~~~~ AVAILABLE NOW ISOBEL’S SURPRISE http://amzn.to/1T0GVcd SALACIOUS FANTASIES. HIDDEN AGENDAS. A STARTLING HERO. As Isobel Parker, excited and enthusiastic, walks into the classroom for her first night in a creative writing…

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Her Forbidden Cowboy – #MySexySaturday #Spanking #Cowboys #Romance

http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com HELLO, AND WELCOME ALL YOU SEXY GUYS AND GALS FORBIDDEN LOVE. BLACKMAIL. DISCIPLINE. DECEPTION. Cathy Coleman has moved her horses into Sampson’s Boarding Stables, and has fallen madly in lust with Scott Sampson, but months pass, and Scott hasn’t noticed her. Cathy is utterly exasperated. Though Scott harbors a secret longing to take her into…

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SCARLET’S SCANDALOUS SECRET – #Romance #Smexy #Erotica

Thrilled to announce the publication of Scarlet’s Scandalous Secret http://www.amazon.com//dp/B01DGW11XS _____________________________________ __________________________________________ Though they were once inseparable, nineteen-year-old Scarlet Fairfax has spurned Richard Portman’s friendship since the fateful day when he took her in hand—and over his knee—in an effort to protect her virtue from the unwholesome attentions of a rakish foreign prince. But now,…

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