That Crazy Little Thing Called Love + D/s!  #ASMSG #Romance #Love
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That Crazy Little Thing Called Love + D/s! #ASMSG #Romance #Love

Have you ever been so connected to someone, you never wanted to leave the bed? What is that intangible, exquisite, compelling, magical ‘thing’ called chemistry? It either exists or doesn’t. No matter how hard we try, it cannot be summoned or created. For centuries poets have penned their poems, composers have written their music, and wordsmiths have authored their books, focusing…

The Promise ~ #ASMSG #Spanking #Romance
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The Promise ~ #ASMSG #Spanking #Romance

It’s a frosty, chilly night, and this came to mind, so I wandered through the corridors of my old blog, pulled it out and dusted it off. THE PROMISE Made visible by her breath, the frost’s cold hung in the air. She didn’t want to be there but she’d promised she would meet him. At…

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Cover Reveal and Salacious Trailer – THE ALIEN’S RULES – #Spanking #BDSM #ASMSG #Romance #Sci Fi

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON THE ALIEN’S RULES  A SCI -FI SPANKFEST After several months of exceptionally vivid, wonderfully sexy dreams in which she is visited by a mysterious stranger who punishes and pleasures her as he sees fit, one night Ellie awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar place. She is lying naked on a…

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Let The Games Begin ~ #ASMSG Romantic Erotica, #BDSM #Spanking

Sitting on the couch, sipping his drink, he stared at the closed door. Behind it she was dressing just for him. She would be in heels, he insisted on heels, and stockings, and a corset he had yet to see, bought for his eyes only. He had no plans. There was a flow that would reveal…

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TOUCHING BEAUTY ~ Part Two ~ #Smexy #BDSM #Romantic Domination

You’re already so wet. His fingers were exploring her pussy, and with his murmured words sending a fresh wave of carnal heat through her body, she tried to wriggle against his touch, but his hand dropped away. He was going to start! Had he just told her to hold her breath, or had she dreamt it? She…

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MY SEXY SATURDAY ~ 7/23/2016 ~ #ASMSG, #Erotic Romance, #Historical Western Romance, #Spanking Cowboy

A STRICT SPANKING FOR A SASSY GIRL Hello, all of you Super Sexy Saturday Supporters. Thanks for swinging into my blog. TUCKER’S JUSTICE! It’s an action-packed, spanking-packed, sexy romp in the wild west. Clink on the link at the bottom of the post and check out the video. If you like hunky cowboys, you won’t be…

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TUCKER’S JUSTICE: #Spanking Cowboys, #Smexy #Historical Western Romance

I’m so excited about this book. It was written during a tumultuous time, and was not just a place to which I could escape, but the dramas unfolding around me revealed a darker side I didn’t know I had. Tucker is not just a romantic, take-charge cowboy, he’s a tough, no-holds barred man who will…

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Saturday Spankings – REFORMING JANE – #Smexy, #Romance, #Spanking REFORMING JANE ABOUT NAUGHTY JANE AND HANDSOME HENRY Smart, sexy, and sly, Jane Campbell lives by her wits. She’s a gifted hustler who can pick pockets and play long cons with equal skill, and she does not make mistakes. But her next mark, Henry Gibson, quickly proves more than her match. After being…

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ISOBEL’S SURPRISE: Sexy Excerpt #Smexy #Romance #Spanking

THIS IS A RE-RELEASE OF A PREVIOUS BOOK THAT WAS PART OF A BOX SET. At the time, it was titled, Three Dark Hours. ~~~~~~~~~~ AVAILABLE NOW ISOBEL’S SURPRISE SALACIOUS FANTASIES. HIDDEN AGENDAS. A STARTLING HERO. As Isobel Parker, excited and enthusiastic, walks into the classroom for her first night in a creative writing…

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