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Why do movies and television, more often than not, portray us (and by us I mean those involved in the D/s lifestyle) as damaged? Dominants, submissive women, those who enjoy spanking and bondage. Do you recall Secretary?  The movie starring James Spader?  If you haven’t seen it, it might be worth your time.  It was…

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Aspirin? No thanks. A Dominant cures this sub’s headache!

Have you ever had a day that made you feel as if you were traveling through The Twilight Zone?  You were late – then early – even got the actual day wrong.  Misunderstandings at every turn.  You lost your keys, then found them exactly where you looked a few minutes earlier.  So frustrating and exasperating…

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Which is worse?  Not being in a relationship, or being in a relationship with someone who is 1000% vanilla?  Is it worth the wait, dismissing the ‘normal’ while waiting for the Dominant who will spank you, and send erotic thrills through your body?     So tough isn’t it, if you start dating someone outside…

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Hello World. Maggie Carpenter Here – Exploring D/s – BDSM

Here it is.  The first of many pages to follow.  11:15 pm.  Almost midnight.  What better time to start this – a blog dedicated to the mystery that is D/s.  Dominance and submission.  Power given and power accepted.   Spanking, erotic exploration, and all things BDSM. The cool dark quiet of the late hour giving freedom…

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