bluenaked copy

He sleeps in the dark corners of her mind

covered in shadow



always present.

She knows he’s there, but she doesn’t think about him much.

Not much

until something sparks a memory

stirring him to life

and he stands before her

eyes glimmering

arms crossed

smiling his wonderfully wicked smile.

A dull ache moves through her soul, her throat burns

and try as she might to stop them, the tears escape.

They were in tune, a piano and a cello.

The music they made would echo through the house

lingering to whisper in the air for days.

It was more than a magical mystery tour.

Tantalizing leather tongues had whisked across her skin with fiery kisses

eliciting cries of joy and pain.

Her heart had been weightless

her body alive.

She finally understood the poets

and the songs

and the meaning of words.




~~  F l y i n g ~~

The empty hunger, the black void, the need no longer met.

She feels cursed, then blessed, then cursed.

It is strange when she speaks to him.

It is cruel.

He seems inexplicably immune.

She still believes

they could have had it all.