… in many ways a break out year for little Miss Carpenter, and I have so many of you to thank.

I actually had not intended to post until tomorrow.   The thoughts in my head needed to germinate, but as I was walking my little dog, the icy night air slicing through my thick coat, I found those thoughts floating away, being replaced by something completely different.  You see – it suddenly hit me.

The realization that much of the success in 2012, for which I am so grateful, began right here.

I started this blog on May 31st, 2012.  I had no idea that my late might musings and soul searching, submissive meanderings would take me on such an extraordinary journey.  This blog contributed greatly to the publication of six books – I can’t quite believe that – six books – Yikes! – that have been published this year.  Thank you – and you know who you are – for being so incredibly kind and supportive.  The emails and words of support – rarely am I at a loss for words, but sitting here, attempting to express my gratitude, I feel quite impotent.

So, my dear fellow D/s enthusiasts, please accept my most heartfelt appreciation, and I truly hope that 2013 will be terrific for you.

To all the sweet subbies


I wish you sensuous erotic spankings, surrounded by soft candles and warm, loving whispers; timeless nights of mind numbing pleasure, delivered with artful prowess by the Romantic Dominant who loves, nurtures, cares and supports you.

To all the Delicious Dominants


I wish you sparkling eyes of appreciative adoration, gazing up from half lifted heavy lids, silently expressing gratitude and love; moans of euphoric bliss, utterances of surprised joy and gasps of sizzling erotic heat.

To You Both


I hope you hear with your heart, speak from your love and embrace with the knowledge of the precious gift you share.



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