Soon To Be Released


He stared into her luminous blue eyes, and leaning in, lightly touched his lips to her eyelids.  She let out an almost imperceptible moan, instantly sending life to his cock, and as he traveled his mouth across her face, planting tiny kisses on her cheeks and nose, the energy pulsed through his loins, gripping him in its hold.

His lips reached hers, brushed lightly, then pressed.  Lifting his free hand he clutched her hair, enveloping her mouth, kissing her as he wished, with passion and fervor, his hot, coursing need expressed without reservation.

Becky was sure she was about to faint.  It wasn’t just that her heart was hammering, or that she couldn’t breath, or that his kiss was unlike any kiss she’d ever felt, it was the sudden, searing heat between her legs, fueling her growing wetness, and the overwhelming desire to have his arms utterly engulf her, and never, ever, let her go.