“It happened so fast.”


Often spoken words.

Change flirts with us before descending.

It tickles our fancy,

takes a provocative pose,

seduces us with promise.

Sometimes change creeps up behind us,

taps us on the shoulder,

and when innocently we turn,

it punches right in our proverbial nose.

This time she has sought out change,

chased it even,

thrown a lasso around its ankles,

and has been wrestling it to the ground.

Some have called her brave,

others foolish,

perhaps she is both.

She no longer lives in the shadows of her past.

He who marched past the guard at her gate,

took her captive,

and kept her in a high tower,

making her a prisoner of her needs,

has finally become a ghost.

He has slithered away from her consciousness,

and now she is free.

Leaping forward into a new life,

change has become her partner.

Not her enemy or friend,

but her partner.

Together they will explore,

they will fail and they will succeed,

and maybe, just maybe,

change will allow another to whisk her on to his horse,

and gallop her away to a castle she has not yet seen.

Wherever she goes,

whatever might cross her path,

her partner will be with her.

because there is nothing so constant,

as that little thing called change.