She remembers when the sea was blue, so blue, turquoise blue,

with dancing diamonds flashing in the sun.

She remembers when the sand was warm beneath her feet,

even when the cool foam washed over them,

leaving her toes to sink as it slunk back to the depths.

She remembers when he picked up a long, white stick,

drew a heart, kissed her as the ocean lapped at their ankles,

then carried it home and used it to kiss her flesh with stinging heat.

She remembers the boat,

the tiny cabin;

He was a pirate,

and ravaged her as only a pirate can.

She remembers being woken before dawn by sweet whispers,

and strong arms,

and in a sleepy, blissful state,

watching him surf the curl,

her body still tingling.

She remembers…

when the storm came.

She remembers when the winds whipped,

and the cold sent the chills down her spine…

What they were,

what they had,

had sailed from sight.

No dancing diamonds,

no hearts in the sand.

Only memories,

and a slate, grey sea.