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Finding her zipper he slid it down, letting her dress drop away.
“What do we have here?” he asked, his eyes dissecting her lace covered breasts.
“Surprises await,” she breathed, feeling her wanton wetness spring to life
Taking the hem of her dress crinkled around her hips, he lifted it up and over her head.
“Very nice,” he smiled, devouring the sight her body through the stretch lace as he moved his hand down her back.
“Keep going,” she whispered, kissing his neck.
Traveling his hand across her backside and in between her legs, his fingers found the open crotch.
“Ohhh,” she moaned as her pussy felt his touch.  “Simon…”
“This is just too delicious,” he declared, and grasping her waist, lifted her easily, rolling her over his lap.
“Belle, you have chosen so well,” he sighed, running his hand across her lace covered cheeks, “and this is just too tempting to resist.”
His hand began to rise and fall, slapping down repeatedly, bouncing from cheek to cheek, blushing her skin bright pink, then he paused, dropping his fingers between her legs.
“Just checking your wetness. Oh dear, not enough yet,” he proclaimed, and pulling the sides of the body suit into her crack, he swiftly returned to spanking her upturned bottom.
Belle was resting her palms on the floor of the car, and as her skin sparked and tingled, she squirmed with the onslaught of his smacks.
“Oooh, Sir,” she cried wriggling.  “Sir.”
“I’m in the mood,” he replied without missing a beat.  “Unless you don’t want to disappoint me you won’t protest again.”
His words clattered through her brain as the stinging spanking continued.  Her ass was on fire.  Never had she been spanked so hard for so long.  Instinctively she attempted flatten herself out but Simon was having none of it, and moving his hands under her hips he raised them back up and continued to slap her.  Just when she thought she could take no more, he stopped, and traveling his hand between her legs, cupped her cunt, squeezing and fondling.
“Much better,” he stated, slipping a finger between her pussy lips, and moving his hand back to her scarlet backside, he rubbed and fondled her burning skin, softly squeezing and caressing.
“Simon, that feels so good,” she cooed, still catching her breath.  “My skin is so hot.”
“I know my darling, and soon you will feel pleasure to match your pain.”