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A very naughty girl, did a very bad thing!


Grabbing a throw cushion from a nearby armchair, he placed it at the end of the couch then sat down in the center.  It was one of his favorite positions, the girl being stretched out across his lap with her feet on the floor; it allowed him to place his leg over hers to keep her still.

“Hannah,” he began, rolling up his sleeves, “you know why I’m gonna spank your ass, and you know you deserve it, right?”

“Yes, Sir, and I really am very sorry.  I still can’t believe I was so stupid.”

“This spankin’ is for bringin’ the stuff on to the ranch and smokin’ it, and I’ll be spankin’ you in three stages.  Come on over here and bend across me, and grab that cushion in case you wanna yell into it.”

“Oooh, I’m scared.”

“Good, it’s about time someone scared you.  Now don’t make me tell you again.”

Nervously stepping forward, she laid over his thick, strong thighs and felt the weight of his muscled leg place itself over both of hers.  When she felt him lift her skirt over her waist, she let out a cry.

“Shush now, I haven’t even started.”

“It’s just so…”

“I know, you’re embarrassed,” he declared.  “How do you think I felt, still feel, about convincin’ Chad to hire you, and then havin’ you pull a stunt like you did? That’s embarrassin’.”

“You’re right, I’m so sorry,” she wailed.

“And you’re about to be sorrier,” he proclaimed.

Focusing his attention on her plump, virgin cheeks, he ran his hand across the smooth, unblemished, white skin.

“No more talkin’,” he decreed, and lifting his hand, curling back his fingers, he brought it down with a strong slap.

“OWWW!” she howled.

“Into the pillow,” he barked, and slapped again, landing his hand on the opposite cheek.

Pausing, he stared at the two pink blotches, instant evidence of his attention, then continued with a serious flow of solid smacks, pausing briefly between each one, listening to her gasps and cries of pain.  When she began squirming, and the inevitable hand flew behind her searching for some kind of protection, he stopped and rubbed.

“That was round one,” he declared.  “You catch your breath, round two will be harder and faster.”

“Oooh, Sir, it already stings so much,” she whimpered.

“Not near enough,” he said sternly.  “Put both your hands under that pillow, and if I see one of them back here again I’ll start over.”

“Oooh, yes, Sir,” she groaned.

Fondling and caressing, enjoying the fullness of her cheeks and the satisfaction of disciplining a very bad girl, he waited until she settled, then lifted his palm and reigned a series of rapid-fire swats, ignoring her cries and pleas of mercy, not stopping until her bottom was as red as he thought it should be.

When he stopped she didn’t speak, but gasped and panted and moaned into the cushion, wiggling her hips from side to side, and wanting the sting take full effect, he chose not to run his comforting hand across her hot backside.

“Now for round three,” he announced. “This is the final round, and you’ll get ten very hard smacks.  You’ll count them out.  Are you payin’ attention?”

“Yes, Sir,” she mewed.

“Every smack you count out, then say, Thank you, Sir.  I’ll never have drugs on me again.  You got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered, “and I promise I’ll mean it.”

“You damn well better,” he growled, and lifting his hand high in the air, landed it soundly on the sensitive area where her thighs met her cheeks.

“ONE!” she wailed.  “Thank you, Sir.  I’ll never have drugs on me again.”

Again he lifted his arm, smacking with force on the opposite side.

“TWO!” she howled.  “Thank you, Sir.  I’ll never have drugs on me again.”

Moving back to the center of her bottom, he landed the third.

“THREE!” she cried.  “Thank you, Sir.  I’ll never have drugs on me again.”

He moved his hand in a circle, going from cheek to cheek, and seat to seat, taking his time, making each swat count.  By the time he finished he knew Hannah was near tears.

Sighing heavily, he finally caressed her stinging skin.

“Hannah, you know I care about you.  If someone had taken the time to spank your butt when you were younger, I don’t think you’d be this position right now.  I want you to think about that.  You don’t care about consequences ‘cos you never had any, not real ones.  Will you ever think about havin’ any drugs around me?”

“Noooo,” she lamented. “Not ever, never ever.”

“See, you learned.  You’re gonna behave now, ‘cos let me tell you, little lady, I ain’t puttin’ up with no crap from you.  I care about you, and I really mean that, but there’s gotta be rules, and you’ve gotta follow ‘em.”

“Yes, Sir, I will,” she promised.

Staring down at her crimson, stinging bottom, he caught a glimpse the tell tale glistening between her barely visible lips.

Look at that.  If she puts two and two together, if I bring her along just right, we might have a chance.

She’ll be sore sittin’ over lunch, uncomfortable for the rest of the day.  When she mucks out the stalls she’ll be thinkin’ about her sore ass, how she ended up working so hard, and the month will seem an endless sentence.

He rubbed and soothed, hoping, as the days drifted by, she’d start to see the sense in it all, and then, and only then, would she feel his passion, and the loving shelter of his protective arms.