Her body was lit by the softness of a candle’s glow.80e6f21382148777cfbd8116a7e1a265

The fireplace, low in its flame,

added shadowy contours to her naked curves.

A blindfold graced her eyes,

the first scarf floated across her shoulders,

and guided by His deft skill,

wrapped around her elbows,

insisting her arms grace her back.

Wide silken draperies followed,

each laying softly upon her,


weaving their tapestry,

delicately binding,

quashing escape,

vanquishing movement.

Silence permeated by her faint sighs,

and the hushed tones of the migratory material,

as it flapped open, then hovered, then rested upon her.

Time measured by the layering,


its seconds and minutes dictated by Him.

A sculpture in silk,

her sex left exposed

for the air to kiss,

and for Him to pleasure

and be pleasured.