Stopping for a coffee,

she sits gazing out at the world,

and suddenly,

like a strange, sharp, tiny lightening bolt,

she feels it…

…the hot, searing, salacious thing

cascades through her soul.

His whispered promise,

his tickling fingertips,

his spicy hand,

have united

in a sparking nano-second.

She didn’t ask for it,

she wasn’t thinking about him,

not really,

though she always thinks of him,


She’d been focusing on the shoes,

the ones she couldn’t afford,

but bought anyway.

Out of the ether,

the tiny, sizzling, electric charge pierced her soul,

and a hot wetness flooded her sex.

Her breath became short,

she shifted in her seat,

and felt the blush cover her face.

It will happen again,

it happens frequently,

out of nowhere,

no warning,

it just does,

at any given hour.