She’d settle for a hug.


A warm, engulfing bear hug.

Closing her eyes she can easily imagine resting her head against his firm, hard chest, his arms slowly wrapping around her, his long, thick fingers gripping her wherever they chose to fall, the smell of his warm, spicy cologne, and the momentary sense of peace and safety.

She’d settle for a hug,
but that would be dangerous.

The hug would send a warm pulsing heat through her sex, a carnal longing for so much more.

She knows his heart pounding against hers would set to flame the sleeping embers of her submissive soul, and her mind would take her to dark, torrid, secret places.

She’d settle for a hug,
but the hug would be a trickle of water when she needs to drink from the well.

It would leave her thirsting, unable to quench the insatiable need.

Better not.

She’d like to settle for a hug,
but she is strong enough to resist…for now.