The night is cool and foggy.


Summer’s long days have shortened,

signaling the season’s change.

Nature moves through her transitions with ease,

the leaves turn,

wild animals prepare,

there is order and acceptance.

But for us,

change is not so simple.

Many times,

we fight, we writhe,

we justify, we complain,

we cry.

Gliding through change,

as summer glides into autumn,

this is rare.

“Change is hard,” we murmur.

Yes, change is hard,

but perhaps if we surrender to it,

as the bears hibernate,

and the geese fly south,

it doesn’t have to be.

In her surrender,

the submissive finds freedom and strength.

There is no writhing,

no anguish,

no complaining.

Just joyful acceptance.


Is it nature’s call?

“There is no greater freedom, than giving up control.”