It is rare that I cannot find the words

When it happens it is disturbing

As though the earth has tilted ever so slightly

Disconnecting my heart from my head

Separating that which I feel, from that which I need to say

So forgive me if this is clumsy

If the words do not flow as they should

That I cannot find them does not quell my need to express

It is —

Knowing what I want – surely is more difficult that not

Knowing what I want makes anything less — uncomfortable

Like a coat that is lovely

But doesn’t quite fit

Knowing what I want means saying no

Rather than – I’m not sure – let me try it for a while

Knowing what I want means continuing to wait

For the coat that is the right color, fabric, style –

The right fit!

It begs the question —

Does the coat exist?

It might be wise to take the coat that isn’t quite right

Would it then leave me wondering?

“Should I have waited?”

Nothing is ever perfect

But I have felt perfection

Or Rather

I have felt the indescribable power

The euphoria

of something sublimely exquisite

How can I then – not wait?

Knowing what I want – surely is more difficult than not….