and there’s no turning back.


The crisp white flesh laid against my tongue

melting its tangy sweetness into my soul.

I’ve bitten into the apple,

and now I am its captive.

The lustrous crimson skin warned me to Stop,

but my eyes, my heart, my burning need,

chose only to view the golden green glow,

as the sun’s glinting light danced across the orb,

momentarily highlighting the shadowy side,

the dark side,

the lust filled licentious side.

I’ve bitten into the apple,

I am now destined to pass the hours,

in craving – constant craving.


I said yes to the dark temptation,

and so dark it was, its light blinded me.

I’ve bitten into the apple,

the delicious fruit of decadent desire.

Dark pain, exquisite erotic euphoria, prurient pleasure.

I have lived it, loved it – and lost it.

I have bitten into the apple,

and there is no turning back.