Whenever I come to the end of a book I feel great joy.

And a touch of sadness.

Another journey has ended.

The characters who have shadowed my days and whispered their dark secrets as I sleep, will soon be memories.  Their naughty adventures and scandalous behavior will be exposed; their antics and debauched lives made public.

And the inevitable reviews will be left.

I have learned to live with them.  The good and the bad.   Elizabeth (from Elizabeth’s Education) was lately referred to as “depraved”.  Good Heavens.  Depraved?  Perhaps she is – or I am.

And a reviewer wrote of  The Billionaire’s Daughter (which has been wonderfully successful)  “I couldn’t wait for it to end,” and thought my Hero, Dante, was mean.

Ah well.  Elizabeth’s story was also called magical, and Dante has been referred to as A Dream Dominant.

We each have a different perspective, a different history, a different moral compass.  What is depraved for one is deliciously decadent for another.

When I view some of the images online proclaimed as Dominance and submission, I am appalled.

But just as often I am entranced, mesmerized by the beauty the camera has caught, the submissive kneeling, the contentment and love apparent.

So it is in our personal relationships – especially D/s.  There is much that encompasses the compatibility of two like minded souls.  It can be a frustrating, difficult, nail biting search, but when there is the ‘Click’ – the ‘Really?’ moment, when the heart beats a little faster at the mere promise – and the butterflies threaten to break from their cocoon – we sigh and smile.

Ours is a different path – but when I think back to my blog about the Nature Of Things – the balance we all seek – perhaps we are the normal ones.  While our relationships may appear to be more complicated, there is simplicity in the complication.  With a compatible partner the power struggles are non-existent – there is clarity – roles are clearly defined.

And – the sex is – well —!!!

Depending upon the day it is a blessing or a curse.  Today it is a blessing.