Thrilled to announce the sequel to this best-selling novel will be released on Wednesday, August 21st, and available at your favorite booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



Simon Sinclair is as dashing and Dominant as ever, and Belle finds herself thrust into his world of luxury and decadence, both in London and at his country estate, a centuries old Manor House complete with secret passages and his specially equipped dungeon.

Please find below the first of three juicy excerpts.


In the expensive boutique Simon had found a black cocktail dress adorned with scattered sequins, and though falling loose around her body it was tailored to flatter the figure, and he gave his approval to the sales girl.
“Can I talk to you for a minute,” Belle asked softly, gesturing toward the fitting room.
“Sure,” he smiled, and followed her inside the large, beautifully appointed, private dressing area.
“Is there something the matter?” he asked, closing the door behind him.
“These clothes are stunning, and gorgeous, but they’re so expensive.  I mean, this is a lot of money,” she declared.
“Belle, we’ve had this conversation before, and I-”
“I know, I know,” she interrupted.
“Are you going to let me finish?” he inquired calmly.
“Simon, it just feels-”
“Apparently not,” he sighed, fixing her with a stern gaze.  “Do you remember a certain conversation we had, on a certain couch, in a certain hotel?”
“Yes,” she sighed, dropping her eyes, a submissive rush washing over her.
“And do you remember me telling you how much I enjoy doing this?”
“Yes,” she nodded.
“Do you also remember promising me we would not to have this conversation again?”
“Yes,” she whimpered, dropping her forehead against his chest.
“So what do you have to say to me?”
“I’m sorry, Sir,” she whispered, heart fluttering.  Lifting her eyes she looked up at him, and added, “Please will you punish me.”
“I will and I must, right here. Please take off the dress, and not another word.”
A deep burn spread across her face, and slipping off the dress, she placed it back on its hanger.
“And your underwear,” he continued.
She paused, feeling almost embarrassed stripping completely in the bright light of the fitting room, but did so quickly, and stood before him entirely naked.
“Turn around, put your elbows on the wall and shut your eyes.”
“Sir, the noise?” she whispered, alarmed that his spanking hand would be heard by Victoria and anyone else wandering around the intimate boutique.
“There will be no noise, not unless you cry out, and you won’t, will you, Belle?”
“No, Sir,” she replied, a thousand butterflies beginning their dance.
Reaching into the inside of his jacket, he retrieved a folded piece of wood. Flicking it open, he snapped the two halves together, creating a twelve-inch stick.
“Elbows,” he commanded, and turning to face the wall, Belle pressed her forearms above her head and arched her back.
“Bottom out further, please,” he said firmly.
She scooted out her feet, and felt the tiny cane rest on the middle of her seat cheeks.
‘This will be quick and effective, and next time you find yourself in a fitting room I’m sure you will remember it,” he breathed in her ear.  “Buying you beautiful clothes makes me happy.  You wish to please me, do you not?”
“Yes, Sir, and I’m grateful,” she whispered.
Stepping back, he swished the small, thin rod upon her left cheek, delivering three quick strokes, and she grit her teeth as the hot sting pierced her backside.
“Do we finally understand each other?  Will I have to address this issue again?”
“Yes, Sir, and no, Sir,” she gasped.
“Make sure of it,” he declared, and repeated the three rapid, silent strokes on her right side.
She heard the subtle snap as he closed his baton, then the brush of his suit as he moved against her.
“You’re so beautiful,” he crooned in her ear, “especially in that blue dress.”
His fingers had slid between her sex, probing, exploring, seeking out her secret spot.
“That dress will be your sucking dress,” he purred.  “Whenever I tell you to put it on, you’ll know it means you will be sucking my cock.”
“Oooohhh,” she moaned, her voice hushed, as his finger plunged into her.
“I will finish making my selections, and then I have to return to the office for a short while.  You will go home, shower, and put on that blue dress and wait for me in our living room.  Understood?”
“Yes, Sir,” she panted.
“No more conversation about my buying you things, ever, correct?”
“Yes, Sir.  Correct, Sir.”
“Stay exactly as you are and count to ten, then you may try on the last two dresses.  Your bottom will be stinging for some time.  I trust it will serve you well.”
Withdrawing his hand, he silently left the room, and ten-seconds later, when Belle opened her eyes and turned around to find him gone, she had to sit gingerly on the small couch to catch her breath.  Her bottom was certainly scorched, and her pussy was certainly hungry, and she thought there was no-one in the city who could possibly be as happy as she was at that moment.