From my new novel

Release Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013


The last excerpt focused on the loving, romantic, White Knight.

This excerpt stars the conniving, cruel, Black Knight, and Abby, his latest victim.

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Moving the crop between her legs, he tapped it against her sex, increasing the force of the tiny swats until she was moaning and gasping, then moved it to the opposite thigh, swatting slowly, matching the bright red patches still glowing on its twin, then dropping the crop he touched between her lips, finding her gratifyingly wet.  Placing the crop back in his bag, he withdrew the large, powerful vibrator and nestled it against her sex.

“Are you going to be good from now on?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, Sir, I will. I just didn’t understand.”

“You don’t deserve this amount of pleasure after the way you behaved last night, but I’m a very kind Master so I am going to indulge you, but I warn you, Abby, do not test me again.  Understood?”

“Yes, Sir, definitely, Sir.”

Her hips began wriggling and squirming against the large, oval knob, anticipating it’s gift, and when he flicked the switch, bringing it to life, pressing it firmly against her, she let out a sharp cry of elation.  Holding it still while she squirmed and gasped and moaned, he allowed the powerful vibrations to send her further and further along the path to the edge of the cliff, but when he sensed she was about to take flight, he blithely turned it off.

“Ooooh” she wailed.  “Ooooh, I was there, I was there.”

“As I said, I’m not sure you deserve it.  Why should I allow you such orgasmic splendor when you rejected me?”

“I’m so sorry, Sir, really.  I’m so, so sorry.  I just didn’t understand,” she bleated.

“Hmmm.  It really was quite upsetting, but as I said, I’m a very kind Master, but I still need to punish you.  I will let you enjoy this moment, but I think I shall keep you in this room for the rest of the day.  I’m going to leave you a pen and paper, and you’re to write me a very sincere, apologetic letter, describing your bad behavior in detail, and how you plan to do to make it up to me.  Clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she gasped.

“And Abby, it’s Master from now on.  I am your Master, and you are my slave.”

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered.

“You’re to outline in the letter that you understand that I’m in charge, that you’re here because you want to be, that you adore me and want to please me.  Now ask me nicely to continue your pleasure.”

“Please, Master, I’m so very sorry for being silly last night.  I was foolish and ignorant and I should have trusted you.  Please, if you allow me to climax I will try to become the best slave you’ve ever had.”

“That was agreeable.  Yes, you may have your orgasm.”

“Thank you, Master.  Thank you.”

He flicked on the switch, pressed the thick, heavy wand against her craving cunt, watching her writhe and moan, knowing her release would be overwhelming and she would sleep through most of the morning.

Once at his office he would turn on the monitors, checking on her frequently, taking note of when she finally stirred.  He would watch her as she wrote the letter, a handy thing to have should anyone accuse him of holding her against her will, and then watch her impatience as she waited for his return.  She’d be hungry and anxious, and he would placate her, forgive her, then spank her, and come all over her plump, round, red bottom, and she’d cook, and he’d have his goodnight feast upon her tits, and all would be well with the world.

Her orgasmic cries broke him from his reverie, and he looked down to see her naked body contorting on the bed, a bright red flush crossing her chest and neck, her nipples puckered and rigid.  She was wailing, her body shuddering through convulsion after convulsion, and he held the vibrator in place until her wails dropped to whimpers, then simple, heavy breathing.