Do you get tired of keeping the secret?

My fatigue is growing.

It was not a choice I made.

It was not a decision thought out and researched.

It is simply who I am.

A passionate, romantic, soulful submissive


The world meets a strong, professional, happy woman,

Smart, purposeful, opinionated and confident

Maggie is tucked quietly away

Living with the aching, craving need

It is too dangerous to reveal my secret

I would be judged, giggled about, mocked by some, scorned by others

And certainly misunderstood

My facade would be shattered

Though my facade isn’t a facade at all

I am exactly who I appear to be

And so is Maggie

Yesterday I happened to chat to a stranger

A friendly, warm, attractive man

He paused, mid-sentence

Tilting his head to one side

“I don’t mean to be forward, but your eyes.  There’s something in your eyes.”

I felt my face flush.

Was he seeing Maggie?

Did he spy her longing unmet hunger?

The moment still haunts me

Keeping the secret is burdensome


Because I carry it alone…