This is almost embarrassing it’s so silly, but when I came across this video it did make me laugh and want to share it.  It also made me think.

Howard spank copy

Howard Stern is a fascinating character.  There is no doubt he’s a genius, and while he is irreverent, over the top and can be offensive, he can also be immensely entertaining.

He is also one of the few who has had no issue being completely open about his enjoyment of spanking.  I’ll never forget the Jay Leno show, and what an uproar he caused when he spanked a girl on the show.  It’s odd, I can’t find it anywhere, and there is a report the censors would not allow it to be aired, but I’m sure I saw it.

Regardless, it does make me wonder how many other celebrated men put their naughty lovers over their knee, and share our darker, more hedonistic desires.  At least Howard is out of the closet, and for that I applaud him.