I was literally – almost asleep – when it hit me.

Tomorrow is the 21st.


So here I am, barely awake, the glow of the computer screen the only light in the room, casting its ghostly hues upon my fingers as they dance across the keyboard.

It’s cold, really cold, and I want to curl back under my microfiber blankets – but what if the Mayans were right?  What if the world does end tomorrow?

This then, is my last opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to my beautiful mare who makes every day different, and whose soft nuzzling and welcoming whinny makes my heart smile.  Thank you to my cute little mutt who, at this very moment, is curled up on my bed wondering where I am and why I left.  Thank you to the man who made my toes curl and taught me the truth – the real truth – of my submissive soul.  Thank you to every one of you who has been kind enough to read my musings and my books and post comments.   Thank you to those of you whose blogs have shown me that I am not alone – that the craving ache I feel every minute of every day is shared by so many.

When I think of all the blessings in my life, it is truly impossible to say thank enough times, or cover the multitude of those things for which I am so grateful, and about which I could be writing.

I hope we will be here on the 22nd, and in the light of that day I might even feel foolish having done this.

But one of the things I have learned through my little life, is to expect the unexpected.

Until next time – hopefully ….