angry copy 2

And she is boiling mad.

Absolutely, positively His fault.

He’s to blame, with a BIG CAPITAL B!

Hours she worked.  Hours and hours.

Opened up her computer to happily proceed and what did she find?

Gone – Voila – Poof – Missing

The nasty cyber gremlins had found their way into her machine and flushed all her hard work,

Into The Cyber Black Hole.


No she doesn’t know how it happened.

How many times has she been told,


More than she cares to mention, thank you very much.

And why, might you ask, is this His fault?

Well DUH!

He’s not here.  Do you see Him anywhere?

Is he keeping her on the straight and narrow?

Making sure her work is BACKED UP?

Nowhere to be seen.

Mr. Wonderful Romantic Dominant is taking his sweet time to get here.

It wouldn’t have happened if He were here,

so it’s all his fault!