Final copy

Something a little bit different this Saturday.  Do you love chocolate?  Who doesn’t love that sweet, creamy deliciousness.  Below is a particularly yummy excerpt from one of my favorite novels, The Spanking Psychiatrist.

WARNING:  May lead to uncontrollable desire for chocolate.

Picking up the thin shoulder straps, he slipped them down her arms slowly revealing her abundant globes.  Running his hands across the full, glorious richness each offered, he grasped them, bringing his mouth to her nipples, sucking each in turn, kissing and nibbling.

Rising up over his lap, she widened her knees, then dropped her hand between her legs and circled her fingers around him, sending a deep, hot pulse through his manhood.  He swallowed, willing away the huge bubble that unexpectedly loomed over him, threatening to explode, and reaching into the glass sitting on the table, he extracted an ice-cube to trace across her nipples.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, throwing her head back.

He continued to rub the chilly cube across and around her breast, up to her neck and back down until it had completely melted, then reaching behind her, he dipped the basting brush into the melted chocolate and delicately applied it to her nipples.

Her rosebuds were stiff and cold, and she gasped at the unexpected application of the hot liquid, but his mouth wrapped around it, sucking hungrily, and her gasps of shock became groans of heated happiness.

“That’s incredible,” she moaned, “absolutely incredible.”

Dipping the brush a second time, he moved it across to her other, waiting, wanting nipple, and again she gasped, and again he devoured her, savoring the delicious, chocolate covered areola and it’s tiny peak, all the while her hand rubbed him against her hungry, wet cave.

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