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February 28, 2014

Zander couldn’t stop the swell in his heart.  He didn’t speak lightly about his dark desires, and this enthralling creature was asking him to open up.  It was a door through which he absolutely had to walk.

“If a girl is naughty she is spanked,” he sighed, feeling a tingling through his entire body as he talked about what he loved, what he craved, what he needed, and staring at her he lost himself in her extraordinary emerald eyes.

“And you like her to beg,” she continued, dropping her voice.

“It’s more than like,” he began, feeling his Dominant soul roaring to life.  “I love her to beg, especially after I’ve teased her for an hour.  I love her to reach for me, I love her to kneel, but do you know what I love most of all?”

“Tell me,” she breathed, completely entranced.

“I love a woman who lets me be a man for her, a woman who loves being a woman, who wants me protect her and spoil her, who wants to be cherished,” he finished.

Sighing heavily she reached forward, and taking his hand from under his chin she brought it to her face, holding it against her cheek.  Zander silently groaned.  He longed to place his lips against hers, to feel her longing, to slide his mouth across her neck while he tweaked a nipple, listening to her gasps of pleasure and pain.

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