The forest was theirs.  It belonged to them, part of the grand estate.


He brought her there often, most times wearing just a coat.  He would slowly remove it, leaving her naked amongst the trees.

So it was this day, and as she hugged the narrow trunk and he bound her wrists, she rested her cheek against the bark, grateful and happy, excited beyond measure.  Her feet were apart, his hand was searching out her sex, but she knew it was a precursor to the moment he would slap her perfect bottom, turning it pink and hot, making her inexorably desirous of so much more.

The whispered promise of a breeze barely kissed her skin as his lips caressed her neck.  An unexpected fluttering of wings startled them both, strangely fueling their urgent need. Shards of golden light pierced the verdant canopy rustling above them, and as his first smack landed, leaving a perfect, pink, palm imprint, she moaned with an aching submissive joy.