The gift of submission.

The ultimate gift?

It is precious to be sure-

 -and must be held in reverent, caring, loving hands

The gift of trust.

To completely trust another

Offers one sublime security

The gift of love.

To feel the fullness in one’s heart.

The intoxicating, engulfing exhilaration that is loving and being loved.

Such a gift!

The gift of friendship.

Countless episodes of belly hurting laughter-

-and the sharing of sad salty tears

Like the mighty oak, it grows over years

These gifts – and others – are to be cherished.

But there is another gift.

I believe it to be the most splendid of them all.

Allowing another to be themselves –

– utterly and completely.

The gift that says…

Without fear …

You may be exactly who you are

all the time – with me

When you offer someone this ultimate freedom

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You offer them the safest place in the whole world.