A large, glossy, white box sat on the bed, a red ribbon wrapping its four sides climaxing in a large bow.  The familiar white linen envelope, her name scrawled in His familiar hand, silently beckoned, and as she stepped forward, the hot wetness glided through her sex.  Butterflies fluttering, she gently lifted the note from its resting place, and carefully removed the folded piece of paper.

You will bathe in a warm tub filled with jasmine salts, coat your nails in the deep scarlet polish I love so well, and naked, you will place the veil over your head and rest the crown in place.  Then, my lovely, you will wait.  You will wait and ponder what erotic joy I might bestow upon you this night, what soft caresses or stinging slaps might grace your divine body.

Fingers trembling, she pulled the ribbon, releasing the bow, and lifting the box lid stared at the black crown sitting atop the heavy transparent garment.

He had given no indication that the evening would be one of His ‘special’ evenings. An evening when His ardent Domination would sweep her into euphoric timelessness, and the world’s only inhabitants would be the two of them.