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A Dominant Aussie Cowboy

A Feisty Photographer

The Dangerous Outback

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Emma Harrison, a strong-willed, daredevil photographer, is in Australia to shoot some thrilling photographs for a new coffee table book. Derrick Palmer has been assigned the task of keeping her safe in the dangerous New South Wales outback, a task he takes very seriously. In this excerpt, their relationship has developed, and Dominant cowboy Derrick wants to see just how submissive Emma Harrison, the supposedly tough and determined, woman, truly is.

(I snuck in a short, 9th Line, sorry, does that mean nine swats?)

This scene follows directly from the last post I made about this yummy spanking cowboy from Australia.  If you missed it, the link is here:

“What’s with you Aussie men?” she howled.

“I can’t speak for anyone but myself,” he answered, “and now my hand is going to do the talking for me. I’ll stop spanking when you say one of two things. Either you want me to take you back to Sydney, or you agree that I’m in charge,” and lifting his hand he began landing a series of hard smacks across her bottom.

Emma was wearing thin cotton khaki pants that provided little protection from his large, hot, swatting palm, and it wasn’t long before her squirming began in earnest.

“Dammit, let me go!” she demanded. “You have no right to do this.”

“Then you agree to do what you’re told?” he pressed, pausing to let her consider the question.

“But if I’m-”

Reaching down he retrieved a short, fat stick, and began delivering hard licks in quick succession, the rod landing mercilessly across her backside.

“Back to Sydney or I’m in charge, what’s it to be?” demanded, continuing to remit the stinging stick.

“Okay, you’re in charge,” she howled. “Stop!”


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