I have often been asked f I find writing somewhat lonely.  I’ve never thought about it, so my answer would have to be, no.  I have my characters to keep me company, and they do; they follow me around and whisper their naughty secrets in my ear all the time.

Recently I was surprised and flattered to be invited to write a book for an anthology, School’s In Session.  

Never having collaborated, or been involved in a group project, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and what I discovered made me rethink the whole ‘writing being a lonely existence’ question.

These lovely ladies, Kate Richards, Celeste Jones, Dinah McLeod and Renee Rose, have been an absolute treat.  Over the last month I have been completely immersed (and overwhelmed) relocating to another part of the country.  Having the support and understanding of such terrific women has been a real eye-opener, and when all is said and done with this box set, I will miss the camaraderie.

This post is a very big thank you to each of them, and to those of you who have purchased the set.  Without you, the reader, there would be no anthologies like this, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with such a fine group of feisty females.