From A Faded Romantic’s Notebook

He does not want her body

18 Jun


He does not want her body.

It does not matter how extraordinary she looks.  The gorgeous construction of flesh and bone, the heavenly geography of curves and lines, the exquisite shape of her face, the eloquence of her eyes, the sensuality of her mouth.

It does not matter that she excites him physically. That her shape and sexuality thrill him. That he can feel his desire for her turning his mouth dry, leaving him aching and breathless, causing him to harden urgently at the thought of her.

He does not want her body

Unless she yields to him her sweet, submissive soul.


From Maggie Carpenter

She does not want him in her bed


It does not matter how profoundly handsome he is, nor the twinkle in his eye.  His rippled muscles and square jaw, the curly mass of chest hair that she knows will glisten with crystal drops of water when he steps from the shower.

It doesn’t matter than she can already feel the warmth and safety of his arms, and the thought of those arms grasping her as he nuzzles her neck and whispers in her ear, sends a warm, wet rush through her sex.

She does not want him in her bed.

Unless he accepts her precious gift with all the skill and knowing of a Romantic Dominant who understands exactly who she is.