Not the sensuous, bottom warming that peppers her skin and sets her sex afire.

She needs a Proper Spanking.  A spanking that will fix the problem!


She’s not been naughty.  Not really.  Not naughty in the way one might think.  It’s all about the P word.


She’s not done her accounts in many weeks.  Receipts and bits of paper lay scattered across the bed in her guest room/office.  The same is true of her desk.  It appears as though all the papers have had a jolly good party and simply passed out from too much dancing and too much alcohol, often times on top of each other.

In two short weeks her tax accountant expects a full and accurate report of her accounts from last year.  Every morning she stands, like a deer in headlights, staring down at the mess.  Or rather – messes.  After a few minutes she sighs deeply and walks away, promising she’ll face it later…

Those who meet her find her attractive, charming, positive and easy to be with.  They don’t understand why she is single.  They don’t suspect for a minute that behind her fine facade lives a woman who needs a man who can provide that which keeps her sane and centered.  A Romantic Loving Dominant who offers the discipline she needs and craves.

If such a man were in her life the messes would never have been born.  She would have been proficient and efficient, every day her papers filed, her receipts logged, her balances available at the click of the proverbial button.

But there isn’t.  There is no-one to whom she can turn.

And she needs a spanking.  Very  badly!

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