While millions of people watched the Superbowl …


she did her accounts.

The many pieces of paper are neatly stacked in order, her spreadsheet is finished, the PDF was sent to her accountant, and all that is left is for the stacks of receipts to be placed in their envelopes and labeled.


How did she accomplish, what was for her, this Herculean task?

She set her creative mind free and a fantasy was born.  Then the fantasy became a reality.  A promise.  And she always keeps her promises.

If she did not do her accounts today she would have to confess all to Him when He appears in her life, and we all know what that will mean.

He does not even have to be on the horizon, so strong is her belief that she will one day be kneeling before Him.

She will relay the long delay, the Procrastination, and how He, without yet being present, was the cause of her success.

What might happen then?   The question is swirling around in her head.

But the task is done.

The mind is powerful indeed.