These old-time movie stills were emailed to me, and the sender has kindly allowed me to post them.  I thought it would be fun to supply our own captions, so the balloons are purposely empty, with my version of events between naughty Lucy Larkin and Old Man Jessup, written below each.

Can’t wait to see what yours are!



DARN!  When I ran away from Sam I didn’t think I’d end up workin’ for Old Man Jessup just so’s I could sleep in his dang barn.  But no way was I gonna let that Sam Sweeny spank me!  No sirree!  Not to worry – I’ll soon get outta pitchin’ this hay.  I can sweet talk that old goat!



Well Howdy Mr. Jessup.  How’s about we forget about this haystack and have us a good time.  The day’s too purty to be workin’.  We could mosey on down to the swimmin’ hole and have us some fun.



Truth is Mr. Jessup,  I’m plum tuckered.  That dang fiance of mine wore me out doin’ all kinda chores around the farm, and then was just plain mean to me.  He don’t know how to treat a girl right.  Not like you Mr. Jessup.


Scene4 copy

You think you can lie to me and get away with it Lucy Larkin?

I don’t know what you mean?  I aint lyin’ Mr. Jessup!  Honest! 

Put me down dammit.  How dare you!  I ain’t never been spanked in my life!



And that there’s the problem!  Someone should have whipped your butt years ago!  Word travels fast around these parts.  Sam was gonna spank you for bein’ sassy and lazy.  Let this be lesson number one!  No lyin’ to me.  When I’m done I’m takin’ you straight home.  Sam was right – you ARE sassy and lazy.

Dammit – I should’ve just stayed at home!