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In just a couple of weeks, the romantic, dashing, debonaire, British Dominant, will be heating up your cold winter nights, as he disciplines the beautiful Belle, and indulges in even more divine decadence in his delicious dungeon.



Moving into the bedroom, he found the fire burning, the lights out, the bed covers pulled back, and Belle laying naked on top of the sheets.  Gold shadows danced across her glowing skin, and he sighed with a deep, joyous satisfaction.  For years he had longed for what he now relished; a women he loved, loving him back, aching for him as he ached for her.

She turned her head, a half-smile crossing her lips, and wordlessly he climbed on the bed and placed the blindfold over her eyes.  Smoothing his palm across her body, he delighted as her semi-soft nipples puckered in response, and as he heard her sigh, the anxiety already beginning to evaporate from his simple, loving caress, he dropped his mouth on her breast, indulging in a soft suckle before sitting up and resting his back against the tufted headboard.

Gently clutching a fistful of hair, he guided her forward across his lap, resting her belly against his cock.  He wanted her to feel it grow as he spanked her, feeding her lust as he fed his own, and as she squirmed into position, and his hand crossed her full, round cheeks, he heard the tell-tale sigh.

“Please, Sir, may I have a cuddle pillow?”

Her voice was thin and acquiescent, and had his cock been free to do so, it would have bobbed with pleasure.

“Of course,” he replied.

He pulled the down pillow from its resting place, and waited until she had it scrunched up in her arms, then focused his attention on her waiting backside.

Squeezing and fondling, he luxuriated in her full plumpness before dropping his hand with a solid slap.  He paused before visiting her other cheek with the same smack, then added three more, paused, and returned to his starting point, slapping soundly.  Moving from side to side, he laid down his hot hand without predictability, spanking twice, then once, then four times, then once, shifting his spanking hand across her bottom’s breadth, whisking his palm upwards when visiting the soft area where her thighs met her cheeks.  Her writhing began, and he let his hand fall wherever the target presented itself, continuing to spank her until she was sufficiently squirming.

When his fingers finally slithered between her lips, seeking out her honey, finding the area slick and wanting, she moaned in need, and salaciously rubbed her belly against his hungry cock in a silent plea.

“Sit on me,” he crooned.

“Simon, thank you,” she whimpered, rising from his lap.

Maneuvering her body around to face him, he took her hand and guided her fingers around his hardness, then clutching her burning, crimson cheeks, he guided her down.