Otherwise known as THE SAINT!


Several weeks ago a local television station began running television shows from the 60’s.  The Saint was included.

My Goodness Me.  Talk about a Dreamy Dominant, and far be it for me to post labels on anyone, but if Roger Moore was not a Dominant back then his acting skill (like that of Hunter Parish in Weeds last season) was Oscar material.

(Video of Weeds scene here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN_22FGH_oY&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Many episodes have him putting the willful young woman firmly in her place, and he does not hesitate to suggest a spanking if she does not behave.  In one particular episode he was offering advice to a young man, and I believe his words were:

Have you tried spanking her?  Women like to be dominated.


Yes, the fabulously handsome Roger Moore is certainly debonair and dashing, flying around the globe to come to rescue of Governments, Police Chiefs and Damsel’s in Distress, batting those baby blues of his and smiling his famously wry grin, but take away the looks and window dressing and you are still left with a cool, confident Dominant, who knows how to shoot the look, walk the talk and in one episode at least, put the (un)fortunate naughty girl over his knee.

For your viewing pleasure I was able to track down this wonderful excerpt on Youtube, from an episode entitled “The Golden Journey” – 1962.  I have been told there are other such scenes but I’ve yet to find them.  Of course when I do I will most certainly share them.

So – sit back – click the link and smile (or if you’re like me – sigh deeply!).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNJNqW7WiMQ


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