He is a business colleague!


She seems him often.

His eyes carry a glint

A sparkling hint that he just might be…


They were face to face once,

a few feet apart.


The air sizzled

He made a comment that stayed with her for hours,

which turned into days,

then weeks.

Many times she has imagined his fingertip touch…

grazing her skin…

her palms against the wall…

eyes closed…

 skin tingling, sparking…

as she gasps and moans.

gaspHis caress slithers down her spine,

down, down, down

to her curvaceous cheeks.

She holds her breath – waiting,

waiting, waiting —

his hand slaps —

How many times her bedroom walls have heard her quiet cries

as she lays


in the dark…


Life sends her past his house every day – twice.

Hoping for a glimpse she casts her gaze,

but is rarely rewarded.

Does he remember that moment?

Or ache to leave his bright pink palm print?

Does he think of her goose bumped flesh?


Are decadent images calling him?

She likes to think so.

She likes to think that one day soon…