The room was dark – almost.  A waning moon cast a dull silvery hue, giving aid to the LED lights offering their ghostly glow, helping her find her way.   Unexpectedly, frighteningly, behind her, a noise, then dim light from a low lamp.

“Be still.  Don’t speak.  Close your eyes.”

Her heart thundered.  He had been waiting, and she knew while he’d been waiting his entire being would have been focused on her;  what he would say, what he would do, what…

loiskal copy

“I know my pet.  I know I was not supposed to be back until Friday, but here I am,” he murmured, and as his footfalls approached, she tensed, not in fear, but in tantalizing, trembling anticipation.

The familiar satin crossed her eyelids, stealing the light, sending her instantly into sublime submission.  His deft fingers clasped her arms, pulling her back into his chest, and as his lips foraged against her neck, his hands circling her breasts through the thin, flimsy fabric, promising more, so much more, her skin tingled with sharp pin pricks of pleasure.

Immersed in feeling, engulfed in his touch, she sank into blissful nothingness…

Sigh, as will I, as I take this image to bed with me tonight.

One day, D/s Gods willing, one day…