and their romantic journey is deepening…

“My ultimate goal for us, is that I will become your Master,” he breathed, his eyes penetrating hers.

Truly in love for the first time in his Dominant life, Simon is deeply committed to his beautiful Belle, and is gently coaxing her down the path of her submissive journey, but Simon is also tasked with righting the wrong done to his father.  His plan is about to be launched when Belle receives word that Lucinda, her spoiled, short-tempered, actress sister, is about to land on their doorstep.

Simon calls upon Joseph Cardinelli, the ex-marine who once saved Belle’s life, to accompany the difficult Lucinda to London to be her chauffeur and bodyguard.  The young starlet quickly learns that Joseph is one man who will not tolerate her Hollywood Diva dramas.

“You are a very naughty girl,” Joseph scolded. “Bury your head in that pillow.  I’m going to spank you quickly, and it will hurt, just as it should.”

THE BRITISH BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR, ACT III is filled with intrigue as Simon sets about balancing the Karmic Scales on behalf of his father, while it explores the deepening, sensuous romance between Simon and Belle, and the burgeoning relationship of Lucinda and Joseph.  Spanking, bondage, salacious sex and idyllic romance are their constant companions in this tale of love, lust, and subterfuge.