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A truly sexy, spanky fun tale.

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CASH COLT is an international rock star, but few know his real name is Cody Cox, and while he may appear to be an urban rocker, in his heart he’s a Texas cowboy.

But those are not his only secrets; he has a passionate soul, and those passions run dark.

After years of touring, he has developed a few special female friends who thoroughly enjoy satisfying his hedonistic needs, but his celebrity lifestyle and constant touring has denied him a loving, monogamous, romantic relationship, making it almost impossible for him to find that unique woman; a woman who adores the down-home cowboy he really is, not the rock star he has become, and a woman who shares his lascivious longings.

Early one morning, on the closing days of an eight month tour, his bus rolls into small town, and in an empty diner, Becky, a sweet country girl, serves him breakfast. She possesses the bluest eyes he’s ever seen, and has no idea he is the famous, Cash Colt.  Instantly drawn to each other, their relationship flourishes long distance, and Cash, known as Cody to the cowgirl, discovers the beautiful young woman shyly harbors her own delicious, decadent desires.

But a spoiled, wealthy young woman, Marilyn Sanders, is bent on exploiting the celebrated rocker for her own purposes, and those plans do not include romance.  To her chagrin, Marilyn soon learns that Cash Colt, and his manager Sam Reed, will not tolerate her wicked ways, and comes to rue the day she concocted her foolish scheme.

In this tale of love, duplicity and heroism, naughty young women find themselves over the rock star’s knee, and lessons are learned by some feisty females, one of whom suffers a sound spanking for the very first time, walking away with a scarlet bottom, the price for her misdeeds.

A sensuous, sultry romance, with affection, spanking, and enough hot sex to create your very own steam room.