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All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.
Andre Breton

Zander Davis is a Romantic Dominant who craves a special lady to love and cherish, and he finally meets a unique woman who sparks his Dominant soul.

     He didn’t speak lightly about his dark desires, and this enthralling creature was asking him to open up.  It was a door through which he absolutely had to walk.
     “Yes, Gabriela, I like things different,” he confessed, using her charmingly crooked phrase.
     “And if a girl is naughty?” she pressed.
     “If a girl is naughty she is spanked,” he sighed, feeling a tingling through his entire body as he spoke the words.

Gabriela has been aching for a man such as he, a man able to fulfill her dark desires, and she is instantly drawn to Zander’s compelling presence.

Their attraction is immediate and strong, but fate tears them apart, and though Zander continues with his life, finding himself with others in need of a sound spanking and his artful Domination, Gabriela’s image shadows his days and haunts his nights.  Little does he know that Gabriela is facing the greatest challenge of her life, and Zander will be her salvation.

THE ROMANTIC DOMINANT is a passionate love story with all the spanking, D/s and delicious sex for which Maggie has become famous, sweeping the reader along to a riveting and dramatic conclusion.

PLEASE NOTE:  This book was previously published under the title, White Knight, Black Knight. Some portions have been re-written and the book has been re-edited.