It was where we were supposed to be going for lunch.  And we did have lunch, but there was a very sexy, embarrassing surprise waiting for me.

After eating in the immense dining hall He suggested we pop upstairs and have a wander around.  I trustingly followed  like the obedient little subbie that I was and we ended up in the pet department.  We had only been there a minute or two when He approached the young woman behind the cash register.

“Excuse me,” He said in his oh, so, polite British accent, putting His arm around my shoulder.  “Would you please direct me to the collars and leashes.  I need to find something pretty for my pet here.”

Of course I knew exactly what He meant and I felt my face flame red.  But the young woman had no clue and looked down at the floor, obviously expecting to find some kind of critter at His feet.

“No – this pet – here,” He declared, gently moving me in front of Him.

I’m not sure who was the more embarrassed, but I didn’t see her face turn red and I knew mine was absolutely scarlet.  She giggled and pointed to the far wall.

“Seriously?” I asked Him under my breath as we made our way through the narrow aisles.

His only response was a raised eyebrow.

Ok – so seriously then!

For the following, endless, ten minutes, He proceeded to place various collars around my neck as fellow shoppers wandered by.  Some broke into broad smiles, others tittered and hurried away, but I became less and less concerned about them and more restless from the ever-growing wetness between my legs.

When He finally selected the one He liked best, purple with rhinestones to match the corset, He had me wear it back to the register – and for the rest of the time in the store.  Thankfully the leash was not attached.

During the drive back to his house He showered me with compliments.  The collar was perfect and would be even more perfect when put together with the corset and leash.  It wasn’t until we were safely home that He dropped his little bomb.

“Tonight you we are going out – and guess what you’ll be wearing?”
“But where can I wear a corset and collar?”
“You’ll find out when we get there.   I assume you have a long, warm coat?”
“Uh huh!”
“And to help you get ready – and make sure you have a nice nap after our busy day – please follow me.”

Leading up the stairs He took me into a guest bedroom and proceeded to remove my clothes, and after briefly toying with me, laid a warm blanket across my naked body and told me to nap.

Nap?  Sure!   Sure I’m going to nap.  My sex is wet and wanting, I’m to be taken to some mysterious place where I will be dressed in only a corset and collar – and let’s not forget on a leash – and I’m going to nap!

Surprisingly I did, though not for very long.  And what happened that night I could never have anticipated.