She is wired and tired,


frazzled and frantic.

Forgetful and confused,

her focus is blurred,

her center is tilted.

She lost in a sea of too much thought.

A heavy fog shrouds the road ahead,

a road she knows is full of twists and turns,

brambles and potholes.

Her knees are scraped,

her eyes are red,

her heart is burdened.

But there is a way out of the maze.

She knows it exists.

She’s been there.

A place where confused thought is banished.

Sunbeams light the way ahead,

the heavy gray mist evaporates,

and safe passage down the road is assured.

The clarity is delivered by a hand.

A man’s hand.


Sometimes alone, sometimes carrying a friend,

the hand delivers distraction, 

then nothingness,

then heat,

then peace.

Wanted: A Man’s Hot Loving Hand.