Websters Dictionary defines “slave” as follows:

1slave /ˈsleɪv/ noun
plural slaves

[count] 1 : someone who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay
▪ freed/escaped/former slaves ▪ He treats her like a slave. ▪ Do it yourself! I’m not your slave!

2 disapproving : a person who is strongly influenced and controlled by something — + to or of ▪ She’s a slave to fashion. ▪ a slave of desire

And defines “submissive” as follows:
[more submissive; most submissive] : willing to obey someone else
▪ a submissive person ▪ submissive behavior

I am a slave, but only to my perversions.

I have resigned myself to my fate.  There is nothing I can do to stop the craving – the ache – the ever present need for a Dominant.

Not just any Dominant.  A Romantic Dominant.  A man who will cherish me, who will understand that my willingness to surrender to him, to please him, to dress for him, comes from my utter respect and adoration.

I have always felt an aversion to the term “slave” when used to describe a submissive.  Perhaps it’s all just semantics.  Perhaps it doesn’t matter.  Perhaps it’s my fiercely independent spirit that balks at the word.

My hope is that my future Dominant will understand why it matters to me.

I am here because I choose to be, not because you are forcing me to be.  Not because I am afraid of you, but because I am devoted to you. 

I am here because every time your shackles circle my wrists, every time the blindfold engulfs me in mystical darkness, every time the heat of your hand sparks my sex to greater and greater heights, there is nowhere I want to be in this whole world, other than exactly where I am – with you – under your soft, strict, salacious control…