cowboysebook copy

Placing the cane in the center of her backside, he slid it back and forth, then raising it back, swished it down, instantly creating a bright red stripe.  Hannah threw back her head, a loud squeal escaping her lips.

“Count,” he reminded her.

“O-one,” she stammered. “Th-thank you, S-sir.”

Laying the cane an inch below the angry red line, he tapped twice, before whisking it down for the second stroke.

“Ooowww,” she cried, wriggling back and forth and bending her knees.  “T-two!  Thank you, Sir.”

Repeating the steps, sliding the cane then landing it a third time, Hannah wailed and wriggled, before loudly exclaiming,

“Th-three!  Thank you, Sir!”

“We’re halfway done, take a deep breath,” he said soothingly, and ran his hand over the scarlet weals crossing her bottom.  “Let me know when you’re ready for the next three.”

This is so painful.  I know I deserve it, it was terrible what I did, but damn this really, really hurts.