What is it really – about the suit?                                                           

A suit denotes respect – power – authority – control.

What every submissive seeks.

Is it not natural then, to have such a reaction?

But not every man in a suit makes my heart flutter.

Not every man exudes the quiet confidence

The subtle charisma

Not every man has the knowing look in his eye

The look that says – Go ahead, test me!

Not every man carries himself with a Dominant’s poise

Astute – sharp  – discerning – perceptive

Not every man walks with the silent secret

The secret only a submissive can sense

And as I wait – bent across the table

And as I hear his returning footsteps

And as I feel his palm caress my backside

And as I know what will surely follow

Before his hand smacks down – sparking my sex to life

Before his strong nimble fingers send me spinning into space

Before I lose myself completely as he stops time

I say a silent prayer of thanks

For being …

In the Hands Of A Man In A Suit