Delighted to be back on board for this week’s hop.

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I’ve always used spanking excerpts from my D/s novels, but it occurred to me that this is  about ROMANCE as well as SPANKING, so here’s a little something different.



To Be Released May 3-4

(No, this is not the cover!)


His hands gripped her hair, and as she felt the pressure of his fingers lock in place, and his lips move towards her, she closed her eyes, waiting for the touch of his mouth. It barely brushed, pausing, resting, lingering, and she heard herself utter a small cry of need.

Her stomach was churning, her pulse racing, and when at last he pressed his full, smooth, moist lips fervently against hers, insisting she surrender, she felt her body grow weak, and a hot, wet heat burned between her legs.

It was a kiss she never wanted to end, a kiss she’d never imagined or had dreamed of, a kiss that pulsed through her temples, a kiss that sent waves of tingles down her arms, a kiss that made breath impossible, and a kiss that she knew held the power to change her life forever.

Sliding his mouth from hers, he traveled it to her neck as his fingers gently pulled her head to the side.

“Ma cherie, you are honey,” he murmured, his warm breath in her ear sending a shiver down her spine. “I want to lick your sweetness for hours, I want to move my lips over every part of you.”

“Dominic,” she breathed, “what’s happened, what’s happening?”

*          *          *          *         *          *         *          *           *        *          *           *

I hope you enjoyed this romantic interlude, and you have time to swing by the other writers who are participating in this week’s nicely naughty, spanky, hop.